New Art!

I’m pretty sure I’ve never purchased art in my life! Until now.

Decorating a house may be the biggest challenge that I’ve ever undertaken, as far as long-term projects go. And I’m not very good at it – at least I feel like I’m having to learn from scratch. I’m constantly asking myself:  “What’s my style? What do I want our house to ‘feel’ like? How do I not spend a lot of money on things that serve no purpose and will be out of style within five years???”

I’m learning new things every step of the way, and, while it’s a little fun, it’s also been a bit stressful.

When it came to actually finding things to put on the wall online, I pinned what I liked on Pinterest, and then proceeded to look at these particular pictures for months, just wishing that there was some way I could duplicate them myself for little or no money at all. I have a hard time buying things that aren’t practical. And art, as you know, has no practical value (or so I tell myself).

And then, after months of agonizing, I bit the bullet and bought them.

And today they came!! I haven’t been so excited for something to come in the mail for a long, long, time. Here’s what I ordered:

First Art Purchase Ever

First Art Purchase Ever

I can’t wait to get them up! There’s just one more coming for Iowa, and then I can frame and hang them. I’m from Montana, my husband’s from Iowa, and we live in Minneapolis. Perfect. I’ll show you how it turns out when I get everything framed and on the wall.

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