So Much Time – Gone

My husband and I, like all of you I’m sure, struggle with busyness. Here is our schedule for the last week:

  • Friday: Evening plans
  • Saturday: Morning and Afternoon plans, evening doing house projects
  • Sunday: Morning and Afternoon doing house projects, evening church and meeting
  • Monday: Cancelled evening plans in order to read a book about being too busy
  • Tuesday: Evening plans
  • Wednesday: Evening plans
  • Thursday: Evening plans
  • Friday: Evening plans
  • Saturday: Free!!! (for now….)
  • Sunday: Morning church, evening plans

{I guess this must be why I haven’t written for a few days. And why my kitchen is dirty more often than it’s clean.}

Granted, many (and likely all) of these “plans” mean doing something fun with people that we love. But when I do I have time to read good books (let alone my Bible), or hang out with my husband alone, or do all of those house projects that the new home-owner in me is just dying to finish?

I struggle with regret, and I overanalyze things. So missing out on things can be a big deal for me. Combine that with the fact that my husband is an extravert, and you can see why we’re busy all of the time. We say yes to everything if there’s a gap in our schedule, and plan no margin into our calendar. And worst of all, Michael says we can’t get a dog because we’re not home enough – and he’s right!! Bummer.

So how do we stop this weekly ring-around-the-rosie of busyness before we all fall down? I don’t know, but we’re going to try:

Step 1: Read this book: Crazy Busy, by Kevin DeYoung (highly recommend it!). I’ve read it already for my book club, but since most of my commitments and plans are as half of a pair we need to read it together to really root out this problem. We’ve already had some good discussions brought about by the book, and I hope that by the end of those 117 pages we’ll be ready to make some changes to our lifestyle and habits.

Step 2: I have no idea. But how about you? I’d love to hear how you all (all zero of you faithful readers…) deal with busyness in your life.

Until next time,


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