What Happens When I Can’t Write?

By means of updates, here is a list of everything that I’m thinking about in no specific order. (I tried writing a real post and can’t, so this is what you get)

  • This weekend was wonderful. It was our first weekend home after London, and man. It. Was. Awesome. On Saturday we went out to breakfast and then used a gift card I got for Christmas to buy the last pieces I needed to complete the decor in one room of the house. We then spent the rest of the afternoon hanging the pictures and finish the project. What immense satisfaction comes from finishing a project that’s been looming over your head for months!
  • On Sunday, attending the evening service means that we get to have the morning to sleep in, and the afternoon to putz away. So we did. We slept in. We bought coffee. I started a book, and I finished it after long hours in sweatpants on the recliner, wrapped in a blanket. Oh what satisfaction comes from starting and finishing a book (a murder mystery no less) all in one day.
  • Reading. What a wonderful thing reading is. Over vacation I read two books, and started a third. And since we’ve been back we’ve finished The Hobbit and I’ve finished my book for book club this month. Having time to read so much on vacation and over break makes me wish that I was better at reading in “real” life. Reading makes for better writers, and I think is just beneficial for thinking in general. Ideas are powerful things. If you need proof, just watch Inception 🙂  But really, reading is, I think, the best way to expose yourself to ideas.
  • Housekeeping. I have a renewed interest in developing housekeeping as a skill, not as a chore. I’m going to try to keep my house better.
  • Personality types. On the Myers-Briggs tests I’m an INTP, a.k.a. the “absent-minded professor.” Am I surprised? No. At least not about the “absent-minded” part. It’s amazing how dead-on those things are sometimes.
  • House projects. Chair cushions, painting, decor, curtains, cupboard organization, making sure there’s enough salt on the back steps… There’s just so much to do, I could use another week off.
  • Jury Duty. I’m technically on jury duty this week and next. I got call-in status so I just have to call in twice a day to be told if I need to go in or not. A bit stressful, but this way I can keep working until I’m needed. After two weeks of vacation I should probably buckle down and do some work if I have to, I guess.

Well, that’s enough for now. There’s so much more in this brain right now it’s hard to wrap this up, honestly. Thanks for dealing with my madness.



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