A Recent Discovery

When we got back from vacation in January and went back to work I had a hard time. As I was returning, everyone else was still on vacation, which made for a very long, and slow week. It was made even longer and slower by the fact that it was so cold outside that the facilities manager asked everyone to keep the shades closed (how cold does it have to get for that to happen? Oh, just about -20 degrees Fahrenheit). So it was a cold, lonely, dark, and boring week after I returned from the vacation of lifetime.

In my state of deprivation of so many vital things (warmth, company, activity…), I was driven to seek out new pastimes  to help me get through the more mindless parts of my job. And thus, an Audible addiction was born.

I’ve been a fan of LibriVox.org for a few years now, listening to good books read by bad readers. And all for free! (Okay, I still heartily recommend LibriVox, I’ve just become a bit of a snob, I guess) And then I realized that on Audible.com you can buy much better quality audio books for cheap without even creating an account or starting a trial membership. All it takes is your Amazon account credentials (they are owned by Amazon), and by looking for books marked “special price,” you can get great books for great prices. I’ve been semi-addicted for just over a month, and I think I’ve just broken the $10 mark. I have yet to pay more than $3.99 for a book, and the cheapest was only $.99.

In the last month and a half I’ve listened to:

1) Dracula

2) The Fault In our Stars

3) The Scarlet Pimpernel

4) Treasure Island (I’m not actually quite finished with this one)

I can’t remember the last time I’ve made it through that many books so quickly (because in addition to the books I’ve listened to, I’ve also read several hard-copy books), but with the amount of envelope stuffing and spreadsheet making I do, it’s been a wonderful way to multi-task. I’ve also used the books during painting projects and dinner prep as well.

So if you can’t find time to read books but be willing to spend less than the cost of a latte on an audio book (that you can play on your phone and computer), I’d suggest that you try Audible.com — it’s awesome.

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