I’m horrible with introductions and small talk, but I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Jamie. I am a country girl by birth, and currently live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My affection for wide open spaces runs deep, and my love for Minneapolis and city life grows every year I’m here, it seems. I’ve been married just long enough to no longer be considered a newlywed. We have no children and no pets, but one of these days I’m bound to convince Michael that a puppy really wouldn’t be that much work. Either that or he’ll come home one day to a new puppy!

I love reading, watching movies, learning new crafting skills, spending a cozy night in, and hiding behind corners to scare my husband. I get cold easily. I love when the house is clean, and procrastinate on cleaning. I love baking, and don’t like doing dishes. I love being in shape and hate working out. I’m not a neat freak, but I love it that my husband Michael is.

I have a history degree, and am currently using it in my workplace. Not. I work as an administrative assistant at a small college and seminary and manage our very small publishing division, which publishes adult theological curriculum that churches use for elder-training, Sunday school, etc. But I still love history.

This is me, and this is my blog. It’s a pleasure to meet you!



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